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The Best Diesel Mechanic in Brentwood, MD 


If you are in need of a diesel mechanic around Brentwood, MD, come to Tacho's Torneria Machine Shop, Inc. If you have a problem with your diesel engine or heavy duty equipment, Tacho's Torneria Machine Shop, Inc. can provide the solution.


We offer affordable prices and quality service that you can count on. At Tacho's Torneria Machine Shop, Inc., we are dedicated to your satisfaction.

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At Tacho's Torneria Machine Shop, Inc., we are confident in saying that customers are guaranteed of having an easy process of hiring a qualified diesel mechanic near the Brentwood, MD vicinity. We serve Brentwood, Laurel, Winchester, and all other surrounding areas. Tacho's Torneria Machine Shop, Inc. specializes in catering to the individual needs of all our customers. Our skillful team of mechanics are very competent in tackling any type of diesel trouble that you have. Our projects are never completed until we are certain that the service is properly performed. We are well versed in all aspects of repairing and rebuilding the diesel engines that you want to restore. We are always looking out for customers that are in need of a quick turnaround and making certain that we follow the safest guidelines to perform each service. With the combined years of experience that we have in the industry, you have the peace of mind that our mechanics are the best professionals for you.

When it comes to the health of your engine, you want assurance that you’re relying on the best professionals that will take care of you. Give us the chance to serve you right on schedule at Tacho's Torneria Machine Shop, Inc. Our mission is to work hard on your project while offering unbeatable prices. You will have an easy time connecting with a suitable diesel mechanic that will be completely dedicated to your diesel engine problems. Our mechanics enjoy serving engine owners from different towns and are always equipped to have the job smoothly managed. 

Whether you live in Brentwood, Laurel or you are from another nearby community, learn how our team of mechanics can solve your engine problems. When your vehicle needs to be fixed on time, we’ll do the work for you. Make an appointment with Tacho's Torneria Machine Shop, Inc. today.





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