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Heavy Duty Mechanic

Do you have an emergency with your truck and are looking for a heavy duty mechanic that is located near the Bethesda, MD vicinity? If you want the confidence that you’re getting a legitimate service for your diesel truck, you can meet with us at Tacho's Torneria Machine Shop, Inc. We serve Bethesda, Annandale, Silver Spring, and all other surrounding areas. An issue with your diesel truck can sneak up on you at any time. Professional mechanics are always in demand to service a variety of vehicles. If your engine is having trouble when you’re on the road, you will need to call for help right away. Depending on the situation that you have with your diesel truck, you may not want to risk doing the repairs yourself. Heavy duty mechanics come in handy when you need to have work performed

 on your truck. Even if you’re dealing with a complex issue with your truck, you can leave the work in the experienced hands of a well-known mechanic from your local area. 

Are you serious about the professional care that you give your truck and need the services of a heavy duty mechanic that fits your needs? The professional team at Tacho's Torneria Machine Shop, Inc. takes good care of all their customers. When you don’t want to wait a long time to get back on the road, you can rely on us to solve your problems. Our heavy-duty mechanics have an in-depth understanding of how to solve engine problems and make certain that each customer is satisfied.

Whether you live in Bethesda, Annandale or you are from another nearby community, let us maintain, diagnose and repair your diesel truck at Tacho's Torneria Machine Shop, Inc. Give us a call if you’re concerned about having your vehicle serviced by a competent group of mechanics.

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